Putz Tools

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Putz Tools
It’s always been crucial to all of us here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop that we showcase the best possible manufactures so that our customers are always dealing with the best. We make it our mission to provide you with only products that we’d use ourselves, so we know that the standard is always kept at its highest.

We feel privileged to be able to provide you with big name brands, whilst at the same time introducing previously hidden gems that we think will change the way you work. We’re lucky to be supporting these brands that are leading the way in the plastering world.

We stock a huge array of PUTZ tools at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop and it’s a brand that our customers keep returning for.

Some of the products we stock from PUTZ are as follows:

PUTZ Stainless Steel Serrated Spatula which is used for rendering; ABS Floats for finishing sand and cement base coats; Spike Rollers used for aeration of Screed; Bevelled Straight Edges; PUTZ Stainless Steel Corner Spatula; PUTZ External Corner Trowel; Internal Corner Trowels made from stainless steel; Plasterers Scarifier otherwise known as a Plasterers Comb; Bucket Trowels; Trowel Cases and so much more.