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Mortar Pump Machine: Its Versatility and Usefulness

Equipment such as conveying machines help construction workers make their plastering and other tasks faster and more convenient. You get to save a considerable amount of time and money when you use such machine. Investing in one, especially if it will be used frequently, is also a wise move instead of renting one every time you need it.

1 What is a mortar pump machine?

This is a machine that carries various materials including concrete, mortar, resin, adhesives and levelling compounds that are used in building construction. The materials are then processed and pumped out of the machine onto the areas requiring them. This machine can process and pump either fine or coarse materials, depending on your need. It can also pump materials up to several metres away, either vertically or horizontally. They are also universal machines, coming with with a spray gun that can be used to eject the materials to spray base coats, renders and more.

2 What is the cost of a mortar pump?

The cost of a mortar pump machine depends on several factors: the brand, type and size. Generally, one machine’s cost ranges between £4,000 to as much as £7,000. If you are going to buy this machine, you should first determine the extent of use so you can land the best product that will give you the most benefits and value for your money.

3 Are mortar pumps available in different designs?

They come in different designs, which can cater to individual needs. There are machines that can process and pump both fine and coarse materials such as the M-tec M330, and there are some that can convey fine materials only. Each machine has its own pros and cons and depending on the requirement, each can provide the needed mixture for your construction needs. Each design also comes in different sizes that can carry varying amounts of materials to be processed.

A mortar pump machine is versatile equipment that can be very beneficial to building construction or renovation. Because of its versatility, it can easily adjust to different working scenarios. The controls are easy to locate and navigate, so that the use of the machine is a lot more efficient and the task is finished sooner, saving you a great deal of time. Maintenance is also a breeze. Most, if not all, mortar pumps are made of stainless steel. As long as it is cleaned after use, it can preserve its good physical condition for a long time. It is important to maintain its cleanliness to prevent build ups of materials which can impede its functionality and shorten its lifespan.

Types of machines

We are thrilled to present the M-Tec P50 comes in sizes 5.5kW and 7.5kW. This is a mortar pump that conveys materials such as mortars, concretes, self-levelling compounds and more. It comes in different designs to suit the user. The versatility of this machines allows it to adapt to its working surroundings. It has clear and easy to use controls and due to it standing alone and it being stainless steel, it can be easily cleaned. It’s easily transferable and is one the highest quality machines in its area of expertise.

The M-Tec P20 is intended for the processing of soft materials or products than can be pumped. It’s usually used to pump straightforward, decorative resin and silicate renders, adhesives and more. It has a powerful drive thanks to its frequency converter and this allows continuously regulated output that can be matched specifically to certain products. It’s easy to use, has clear controls and ensures a long life. It can be used to apply materials to flooring, whilst renovating, rendering and more.

The EZE24’s traditional rotor and stator allows the use of a spray gun to convey material, this means your project is more cost-effective and efficient. It can spray base-coats, renders, plaster and hard wall, so its multipurpose and is the best machine for the job.

If you’re feeling unsure which machine is for you or you want to find out more information about one of the machines, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.