from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we offer an extensive range of products to suit various trades within the construction industry. Well sell our produce throughout the United Kingdom and even Europe. We believe the reason we have so many loyal clients from both close and far away, is because our products are all at such a high quality and at unbeatable prices.

We are extremely proud to be supplying Mapei at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. Mapei is the largest producer of adhesives and chemicals for the construction industry in the world. It founded back in 1937 and they have over 70 production points over 32 countries in 5 different continents.

Mapei moved to the West Midlands in 1999 and in 2004 it developed its manufacturing unit in Halesowen which is near Birmingham. This is Mapei’s 47th manufacturing unit and we think the quality of their products shows in these numbers.

We provide the following Mapei products: base counts, external façade paints, Mapei general products and insulation, primers, thin coat renders and internal paint.

The Mapei primer that we offer is called Silancolor and is transparent, resistant to water and has a thick-layered coating which means it has high-filling properties for use both in and outside. It has a paste consistency, is supplied ready to use and can be stored for 24 months.

The thin coat render that we stock is called Tonachino Plus. It’s transparent and is resistant to water, mildew and mould. It can be used both internally externally. It again has a paste consistency and is supplied ready to use. The re-coat time is 24 hours and water can be used for cleaning.

The internal paint that we stock is called Dursilite. It’s a water-based paint which is washable and has low dirt pick-up which makes it brilliant for internal walls. It’s diluted with 15-20% water and can be applied with a roller, brush or spray.

The basecoat that we stock is called Mapewall GPR and is a render intended for general purpose for use in and outdoors. It’s thickness ranges from 15mm to 40mm.

We stock the Silancolor Pittura which is external façade paint which is transparent, water resistant and resistant to aggressive environments due to its siloxane component. It’s a thick liquid and its dilution rate is 15-25% water. It can be applied with a roller, brush or spray.

We offer a variety of insulation products from Mapei like the Mapetherm EPS. This is polystyrene insulating panel for use in thermal insulation systems. They’re available in 50mm and come in the colour white.

We are confident that with our vast product catalogue and knowledge, we have the products that you need to finish a high-quality job.