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Those who are looking for rendering coats can count on Parex as a good choice. Parex has been manufacturing a wide range of construction, engineering, and refurbishment materials. It offers a wide variety of specialist mortars, hard landscaping mortars, anchors, as well as advanced renders. Parex products are being carried by a multitude of resellers, one of which is Plasterers 1 Stop Shop.

How many types of rendering coat may be needed in a project?

At least two types of rendering coats may be required in a project. These are the basecoats and topcoats.

Multipurpose mortars can be used as basecoat rendering materials. They are intended for a variety of applications such as thin base coating or the finishing applied to exterior insulation systems. They can also be used as water-repellent renders, designed for thick masonry substrates which may be painted or allowed to self-finish.

They can be base coating compatible with over-tiling or used as the base for the subsequent application of a decorative render. Moreover, they can be a weather-resistant preparation made of polymer substrate.

Topcoats are also referred to as finishing coats. These can be water-repellent coats used for dense masonry substrates on both interior and exterior walls. They can also be a one-coat finish or a fine render, intended for float-smoothed finishes. They can be mineral decorative finishes meant for external rendered or a hydrated lime top coat used in interior masonry. Topcoats can also be a breathable one-coat render intended for dense masonry substrates.

What makes Parex rendering materials reliable?

Parex rendering materials are known for their reliability. They provide benefits in terms of the choice of application methods and the wide range of finishes and colors available. Additionally, these rendering materials are easy to use and convenient to apply. Many can confirm durability of the resulting surface rendered with Parex.

Over the years, Parex has shown excellent commitment in ensuring the quality of its products. This commitment has led to more customers getting on board with the brand and the company expanding to 32 manufacturing bases in 15 countries around the world. The company places emphasis on continued product improvement, innovation, development.

What types of Parex rendering products does Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer?

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offers three categories of Parex products. These are basecoats, topcoats, and general products. The basecoats available are Maite Monocomposant, Parinter Renovation, Monogris E, and Parmurex. For the topcoats, the shop supplies Parex EHI G00, Monorex GM, Monorex GF, and Monoblanco. On the other hand, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop also offers a range of general products that include Parex Paraguard, 751 Lankolatex, TV10 and 355 Reinforcing Mesh, Axel 3000, and Micro Gobetis 3000.

Additional Information

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we make it a priority to stock high-quality brand products that can be used day to day in the construction trade to make people’s lives easier and their jobs’ finishes, better. We are extremely proud to be able to stock Parex basecoats, top-coats and general products.

Parex is a manufacturer of specialist mortars, anchors, highways, products, hard landscaping mortars, advanced renders and repair materials which are all used in construction, civil engineering and refurbishment. PAREX produces various products such as mortars, grouts and repair products, adhesives, resin anchors and coatings. These products are fit for use across all of the construction industry from roads to buildings and from bridges to rail infrastructure.

Parex comply with the British and European standards and are high in demand throughout the United Kingdom due to their fantastic quality. We have a full range of their products available including Paraguard as well as other general plastering materials.

We offer a variety of PAREX products starting with basecoats. MAITE Monocomposant is a coloured, breathable and weather-proof mortar which is fit for multi-purpose. It’s indented for use in a mineral render system. It can be used as an adhesive for bonding the insulations to the substrate and creating a basecoat with mesh. It has around 50% more polymer content than other brands due to its granulometric curve and can be built up whilst wet. Please see the product page for details on substrates which it is suitable for.

We offer Parinter Renovation which is stocked at our Cheltenham depot. This is a mortar for restoration and bonding of old hydraulic cement or lime-based renders. This product needs the addition of clean water for useage. It is intended to take a range of decorative finishes including decorative top coat renders and finishes. It’s expected to cover 4-6m2 per 30kg. Please see product details for properties and suitable substrates.

We stock 30kg of Monogris E which is a polymer modified substrate preparation and finishing coat which is designed for different masonry substrates, hence being weather-proof. It is high performance, a grey basecoat and finishing render for both inside and out.

We provide Parmurex in 30kg bulks which is stocked in our Cheltenham base but is available nationwide. This is a one-coat, weather resistant grey render for in and outdoors. Its expected coverage is 1.5-1.8m2 per 30kg. See product page for list of suitable substrates and more.

These are only a few of the Parex products which we supply, you can browse through our site for more information on top-coats and general products.