Spray Finish Plaster

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Designed for use with your plastering spray machine for making your work more efficient, this Thistle spray plaster is incredibly easy to use and a great choice for medium to large scale projects.

With spray plaster there is also no mixing required, simply open the bag, pour into the hopper and the machine will automatically mix on demand for a consistently smooth mixture.

If you’re looking to save time and make life on site a little easier, spray finish plaster is a premium choice.

As well as for use with worm-pump spray machines, this plaster can also be applied by hand if you aren’t able to use your machine on a particular job.

Created by British Gypsum – UK manufacturers with over 100 years’ experience in the trade, like all our materials, this Thistle spray finish plaster was designed by one of the top brands in the plastering world. We want to ensure our customers have peace of mind and value for money on every job they undertake.


Tips for Applying Spray Finish Plaster

You’ll more than likely be applying two layers of spray finish plaster, both with a 1mm thickness. If you're new to spray plastering, you'll soon discover the first layer is sprayed horizontally, while the second is applied vertically (a technique called cross-hatching, designed to ensure an even layer of plaster).

After 5 – 10 minutes of applying your layers, you can then flatten with a wide spatula. Finally, use a trowel to finish as you would with any type of Thistle plaster.

You can then begin painting once the spray finish plaster is completely dry. It may take a little longer for this plaster to dry as you’re applying greater amounts in less time.


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