Magnetic Plaster

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Magnetic plaster will really bring your walls to life and create an interactive experience in any room. Transform your wall into a surface which attracts magnets – perfect for nurseries, schools, offices, kitchens and family living areas.

When little ones bring home new paintings, school work and other bits of paperwork time and time again, there is only so much you can squeeze onto the fridge and notice board. Proudly display their items with ease by using a magnetic on your wall.

Equally if you have a playroom or run a nursery - magnetic plaster is perfect for allowing little ones to play and learn with magnetic letters and numbers.

Perhaps you’re looking to create an organised and creative space for your team in the office? Notice boards and metal boards often take up too much space and can be quite restrictive in terms of creativity. Magnetic plaster turns your office walls into additional work surfaces, increasing creativity and productivity amongst team members.


Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Designed by the UK’s leading plaster manufacturer British Gypsum, their ‘Rooms for You’ range was created to provide interior building and renovation products that meet the needs of modern living.

The brand has over 100 years’ experience in plaster, plasterboard and ceiling solutions, so you can rely on their products for quality every time.


Tips for Applying Magnetic Plaster

Magnetic plaster can be applied in the same way as any regular plaster. You may need to apply a basecoat plaster first depending on your surface.

You'll find an application method that works for you, if you're new to applying magnetic plaster, we recommend two coats. The first will need to be around 2 – 3mm with an approximate 40 minute drying time. The second coat will need a 1 – 2mm thickness.

For more information on how your space will benefit from magnetic plaster or any help and advice on your project. Contact our specialist team today