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Reinforcing meshes are some of the plastering supplies needed to achieve a perfect plastering job. They are employed internally and externally to support the plaster being applied. They make the plastering result stronger and the process faster and easier as they serve as support and connectors for the plaster.

What is the main brand of reinforcing mesh that Plasterers 1 Stop Shop supplies?

EZE is the main brand of reinforcement mesh offered by Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. EZE products are manufactured in Germany. The selection of reinforcing meshes the company offers is regarded as high-quality and among the best. As advertised, these meshes were created with the highest quality materials to ensure the best results possible. They also come in a wide variety to be used with different plastering and rendering supplies.

The EZE line of mesh includes variants that can be used with a multitude of materials. Customers will absolutely find a variant that matches their needs. These meshes are designed to deliver excellent results, providing great protection for the plastering layer area. They are popularly used alongside the installation of thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing. They can also be employed for the protection of building or home facades as well as for the refurbishment of masonry walls that have already deteriorated.

Does reinforcing mesh come in different sizes?

As mentioned, reinforcing mesh comes in a wide variety of sizes. This variety is not only in terms of the appearance and material used. It also includes variety in capacity or strength and dimensions. Strength here refers to the maximum weight that can be supported by the mesh.

Usually, the reinforcement meshes are listed along with their strength ratings (in grams/square meter or g/m²). Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offers meshes in the following strength variants: 70 g/m², 160 g/m², 190 g/m², 210 g/m², and 370 g/m². These strength variants are sold in the following dimensions or sizes (length x width) respectively: 100 m x 100 cm, 50 m x 100 cm, 50 m x 100 cm, 50 m x 100 cm, and 25 m x 100 cm.

Can I get reinforcing mesh for different materials?

There is various reinforcing mesh designed for different materials. The 70 g/m² variant, notably the weakest, is intended for reinforcing plaster. The 160 g/m² mesh is meant for EWI/ETICS systems. The 190 g/m² variant is for render. There is also a stronger 210 g/m² variant intended for render, which is distinguished with a “render pro” branding. Lastly, there’s the strongest 370 g/m² variant branded as “armour cloth.” It is basically a thick gauge double mesh, especially created for use with render in high impact areas.

Additional Information

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we stock the complete range of plastering supplies to support any commercial plastering job or home-decoration project.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is the sole distributor of the EZE product range, which is made exclusively for us. As part of this range, which is manufactured in Germany, we stock a selection of high-quality reinforcing meshes for use with various plasters and renders (see also our range of EZE plastering machines and tools).

Plasterers mesh, used both internally and externally, helps to form the internal skeleton layers of plaster and putty and provides excellent protection for the plastering layer area. It is actively used in the installation of thermal and acoustic insulation materials and waterproofing. Plastering mesh can also be used to protect the facades of buildings and is suitable for the refurbishing of damages or deteriorated face of masonry walls.

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we stock a selection of different plasterers meshes with different mechanical and physical properties, designed for use in a range of applications. Please browse our range to find a mesh suitable for your particular project - we are sure to have something to suit. As a professional, we know you care about the finish; our reinforcing meshes are made with only the highest quality materials to guarantee you a professional result.

If you have any questions about any of the meshes listed above, please call us on 01242 236699 or send an email to [email protected]. All of our sales representatives come from backgrounds in the construction industry, and will be more than happy to guide and advise you.