Drop Film Masking Tape

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop
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Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer a wide range of industry-leading masking tape that we believe are essential tools for use throughout the plastering and decorating industry. With a wide variety of sizes from 500 to 2700mm, whether you’re renovating, painting or plastering, professionally or conducting some home improvements, we have the size and style of tape to suit your needs at unbeatable prices.

You should assess your daily working needs and decide which product is the best for you. Think about the job at hand and how it will assist you in your job role, day to day. Our drop film masking tapes have been uniquely designed to work along-side and complement your working standards and are set at extremely affordable prices, making them easily accessible to those in the construction trade. Whether it be for interior or exterior use, during painting, decorating or plastering projects, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop has the drop film masking tape that’s right for you.

Our small drop film masking tapes are 550mm, are water resistant and are ideal for painting, decorating or plastering. They are perfect for purpose and leave the underneath surface untouched after the job is complete, saving your time and money. The small drop film masking tape is ideal in small DIY or larger corporate jobs and could even be of use in crafty projects. The tape impermanently protects the surface being worked on, is quick and easy to use and great value for money.

Our medium drop film masking tape is 1100mm is a size up from our smaller version. Perfect for windows and walls, it’s water resistant, safely and easily applied and adheres well to most surfaces. It’s a strong and excellent quality product, does its job well and is flexible to your working needs.

Our large drop film masking tape is 2100mm and is perfect for windows and doors. This tape is easily tear-able, fast to use, protects the surface well and comes away cleanly when the job is done. Performing reliably, you need this tape to help in speeding your working process and making your day easier and more efficient and we suspect that you won’t look back.

Our larger sized drop film masking tapes are unique to Plasterers 1 Stop Shop with very little other supplier, stocking tape these sizes. The XL masking tape is 1400mm by 20m and is ideal for your larger projects. It covers a large surface area efficiently but still gives a clean peel on removal, leaving no residue and a perfect finish. Resistant to water, the XL drop film masking tape is versatile and adaptable to your unique needs.

The XXL drop film masking tape is our largest tape at 2700mm x 20m, like the others, it is thin and flexible, easy to tear with your hands and comes away cleanly leaving your finished project completed at the highest standard. We have every faith in the XXL masking tape due to its constant positive appraisal.

Our selection of drop film masking tapes are brand-leading due to their extremely high quality, large variety in available sizes, adaptability, strong adherence and reliable performance, all of this alongside their fantastic prices, means they’re extremely affordable and get the job done.