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Applying scratch render is easy but you’ll need to mind the thickness of the render being applied. The applied render must be thick enough so that when you start scratching it with a scratch render tool, you won’t accidentally scratch through the render down to the base. The first coating, the scratch coat, is ideally 5mm thick. Once the scratch coat is applied to the whole wall, you can use a scratch coat tool or scarifier to scratch the surface of the scratch coat. After scratching the whole wall you leave it up to adhere to the wall before applying the next coating, which is about 10mm. This time leave the render on until it is hard enough not to leave an impression when touched, but still soft enough to get scratched by your nails. Using the I Section TGauge, scratch back the render before scratching with a Scratch Nail.

Which tools will I need in order to apply my scratch render?

Different renders need different tools. For scratch render you’ll need a Plasterers Scarifier to scratch the scratch coat. After applying the second coating, you’ll need a TGauge to scratch back at the render before finishing it all off using a Scratch Nail. You’ll also need an edge trimmer to trim the wall’s edge for a better finish.

How do I know which scratch tool is right for me?

Scratch rendering requires specific tools, namely a scarifier, and a scratch nail. You can use either a TGauge or a trowel to flatten the second coating before using the scratch nail. There are also people who use a custom-made scarifier made with wood and nails to scratch the scratch coat instead of buying one. There are also tools used to trim the edge’s walls. Plasterer 1 Stop Shop sell a complete list of tools, as well as consultation services, for those who needs advice on what scratch tools they need.

Which brands provide the best scratch tools?

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop sell PUTZ scratch nails. For a complete list of other brands available contact your local hardware supplier.

Can I get my scratch tools delivered the next day?

It depends on the seller, but if you order any product from Plasterer 1 before 3PM, that product will be delivered to you the next day.

Getting the right scratch tools you need might be difficult, but vendors and suppliers online would gladly answer the questions you might have regarding the subject. So don’t hesitate to ask about the tools you need for your projects. They might be able to offer insightful tips that can help you with the project you’ll be doing.

Additional Information

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we’re thrilled to constantly provide such a wide array of Plastering Tools that we know will change the way that you complete your jobs for the better. We aim to not only provide some of the highest quality products on the market, but the best value for money also.

We have a wide variety of Scratch Tools within our Plastering Supplies. From edge lattice planes to long tooth scratch nails, you’ll find it all.

Our Replacement Scratch Nail comes in a box of 10LT and won’t disappoint. We also provide Edge Trimming Planes, these are brilliant for corner work and reducing high spots when rendering. These are made in Germany.

We also provide customers with Lattice Plane for precision and detail alongside the Plasterers Scarifier. The I Section TGauge is fantastic for scratching back render and being used prior to the finish alongside a Scratch Nail. This helps speed up the finished result.

Choosing which tool is best for you can be tricky and confusing, if you’re struggling to decide or have some questions, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.