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We’re always praised heavily on stocking spare plastering and rendering machine parts for all eventualities. It’s important to us here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop to make sure you’re as prepared as you possibly can be for your work projects. We do this by providing you with the best quality and value for money products we can find to stock.

In order to get the material being used from the machine to the surface, you’ll need a hose. Due to the frequency of use, these parts of the machine sometimes wear and you’ll need a trusty supplier to purchase your spare part from.

We stock a significantly large category of hoses with 18 different types to choose from.

The Rondo Hose is available in a variety of sizes, the 50mm 13.3m is usually for use on larger floor screed machines, whereas the 35mm 13.3m is a standard hose size which gives the ability to pump further on a 35mm outlet; the Rondo Hose in 25mm 20m, 15mm 20m and 25mm 10m are all standard hoses and for use with a variety of machines; the Mortar Pressure Gauge has fantastic features of safety, with the ability to view bar pressure; the Water Hose is strong and enables a larger water volume to pass through; the Coupling (50mm-35mm) is usually found on Diesel machines; the Test Pipe is a must-have to test the consistency of the material.

The Air Hose (11m standard) can be used with all plastering and rendering machines and come in various sizes; the Jet Wash is connected via GEKA and can be used on electric machines; we stock Scaffold Straps to provide scaffold support; we also stock Safety Clips with Pins and Cleaning Balls which come in 35mm and 25mm.