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Using a Fireproofing Machine in Place of a Firewall

Fireproofing any type of dwelling or establishment is one of the most important aspects in construction. Ensuring the safety of a certain building’s occupants against fire is paramount. This is where a fireproofing machine comes into the picture. You cannot possibly build a firewall in every room in the house, and the closest thing you can get to a firewall is to fireproof every single wall in an establishment.

1 What is a fireproofing machine?

A fireproofing machine is a pump that has the capacity of mixing different fireproofing products and spraying the mixture onto walls and other components to protect them from fire. Cement or gypsum comprises the majority of the fireproofing mixture. It is favoured as an effective fireproofing material because it hardens once it is sprayed by the pump. Other materials in the mixture include perlite, mineral wool and quartz, among others.

2 What is the difference between an M-Tec M300 and a single stage mixer?

The M-Tec M330 is the machine of the future. It can focus on the task at hand, which is to pump fireproofing materials on areas that need to be fireproofed. Fireproofing materials are blended with accurate consistency so that the machine does not have to exert any more mixing effort. On the other hand, a single stage mixer is a somewhat less beneficial machine as it is used for mixing the materials and pumping them onto areas that require fireproofing.

3 How many different fire proofing machines do you offer?

There are several fireproofing spray pumps you can choose from: the M-Tec M330, M-Tec M200 and the Priomix Pragma 12 SK.

  • The M-Tec M330 can be used not just for blending and pumping fireproofing materials. It can also be used in rendering and flooring. It is best for tasks that require not only fireproofing but the aforementioned tasks as well.
  • The Pragma 12SK is suitable for fireproofing larger areas, as it can accommodate up to 12 bags of fireproofing materials at any one time. This saves you time from blending materials several times just to cover all areas.
  • The M-Tec M200’s most prominent feature is its dilution of the cement or gypsum materials into the perfect consistency.

Before you decide which fireproofing pump to go for, you should consider other aspects such as the price and type of machine. You can ask around for recommendations, and companies that offer this type of machine can assist you with your purchase and give you the best recommendation according to your fireproofing requirement.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop always prioritize customer needs and safety. This is no exception with our wide variety of fire proofing machines. With our equipment, you can be assured that your fireproofing materials meet the standard requirements.

We offer 6 different fire proofing machines. Each machine has its individual quirks and unique factors. The Priomix Pragma CLP is ideal for bigger jobs based on site. It’s multipurpose, pumping different types of material with variable flow. The Priomix Pragma CLP can mix up to 12 bags per load in comparison with a standard machine that mixes 6-8 bags. It can pump up to 16 bags, avoiding adhesion on the walls and promotes high-quality flow of the product.

The M-Tec M330 has been described as revolutionary and a machine of the next generation. The M-Tec M330 is able to focus entirely on pumping the materials, whereas previously single stage mixers were required for dosing and mixing. This is down to the single chamber mixing, using the wet sump principle which ensures a high-quality mix and a dependable consistency.

The M-Tec M200 is one of the most recent machines on the market for renders and plasters in the UK. Our customers’ feedback and opinions played a vital role in the design of this product. We wanted to ensure that their needs were met. After all, they’re the ones who will be using them. The main goals were for the machine to be easy to use and practical, to have a high-quality performance, focus on the practicality of the design and also have an economical concept.

These are just a few of the fire-proofing machines available and if you are spoilt for choice or want to speak with an expert to find out more about which machine is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, after all, we speak the same language as you!