Safety Equipment/PPE

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When companies such as ourselves are so focused on providing the best and highest quality machinery, tools and equipment for their loyal customers, it can be very easy to forget the simplest, yet most important and essential pieces of equipment.

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we always ensure that we have all bases covered. From your basic tool needs, to your vital safety equipment/PPE. We like to ensure that you can purchase all of your trade essentials in one place, and that they’re always available at the best value for money possible.

We stock an impressive array of safety equipment/PPE, starting with our Disposable Ear Plugs that come in a pack of 200. These are essential to ensure maximum protection of the eardrum when working in loud environments. Their soft energy absorbing foam makes for ultimate comfort.

Our Twin Half Mask Respirator ensures the highest level of protection along with comfort. The mask is intended for general purpose and has a low resistance exhalation valve. It’s design also means for the minimum visual impairment possible.

The OX Twin Filter Cartridges in Hang Bag – P3 Filters that we stock, come in a pack of 2 cartridges and are for use with the OX S450 Half Mask.

We stock the Premium Safety Helmet in a variety of different colours: orange, blue and black. At its unbeatable price, you won’t find a better-quality helmet with such value for money elsewhere. It’s tough, durable, comfortable and most importantly, protects your head in dangerous environments.

We stock a variety of other products such as OX Foam Latex Cut 5 Gloves (Size 9), P3V Valved Dust Max, Safety Glasses (Wrap Around), Nitrile Foam Glove (Size 9) and OX Latex Flex Glove (Size 9).

If you should have an enquiry about any of our products, please get in touch with our friendly customer services team who will be able to answer any questions you may have.